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Traffic Sources

A curated list of over 120 traffic sources for your products growth

US Sales VP's

One list including over 1,000 sales VP's of the biggest tech companies

Blockchain Startup Ideas

A list of business models that can be disrupted using blockchain by Ali Tahmaseb

Free Stock Photo Sites

Where can I get royalty free images which can be used for commercial use?

PM Tools

A list of digital tools for Product Managers by Pascal Briod from Monito

Tools for Decentralized StartupsStaff Pick 👏

A list of platforms to build a decentralized startup by Ryan Hoover

CSS Cheat SheetStaff Pick 👏

A reference for CSS goodness built & maintained by Adam Marsden

Wireframe & Mockup ResourcesStaff Pick 👏

Product Manual's curated list of wireframe & mockup resources

User Flow ResourcesStaff Pick 👏

Product Manual's curated list of user flow resources

Design Thinking ResourcesStaff Pick 👏

What are great resources for beginners to get into design thinking?

User Research ResourcesStaff Pick 👏

What are good resources for newbies to get into user research?

Product Management FundamentalsStaff Pick 👏

A list of articles, books, podcasts, videos and slides to help you understand product management

Freelancer ListStaff Pick 👏

Which freelancers are currently looking for a job?

Digital Nomad WorkersStaff Pick 👏

Who are digital nomads you could hire for your remote project?

Crypto LearningsStaff Pick 👏

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you earlier when you first got into cryptocurrencies?

Resources by Ron Conway

A list with recommended articles, books and websites by angel investor Ron Conway

Startup Idea List

A list to share your startup ideas to get feedback or find partners

VC Finder (New York only)Staff Pick 👏

VC Finder is a tool to help founders form their fundraising strategy, starting with a focus on firms with a New York office

Forks & AirdropsStaff Pick 👏

A list of the currently active airdrops and forks that you can try to claim

Search Engine Journal Authors

A list of all the authors of Search Engine Journal incl. their Facebook/Twitter accounts

Design & Development StudiosStaff Pick 👏

A list of reputable design and development agencies from around the world

Latest 500 Startups Batch

The 36 companies of the 22nd batch of the early-stage startup program 500 Startups

Idea Outline

Mapping Dialogs to Create Group Knowledge, Consensus, Wisdom, Empathy and Prosperity

Cognitive Biases DatabaseStaff Pick 👏

Cognitive biases affecting our belief formation or business and economic decisions

Product Hunt Hackathon Projects

A list of all participating products in November’s Product Hunt Hackathon

Growth Stack Study

A list of best practices to grow your business by industry-leading hackers

Run Your Office

Do you really need an office manager? Handpicked tools to boost your office productivity

Publishing Platforms

A detailed comparison of publishing platforms to spread your content

Learn Design

A Collection of Design Learning Resources from Industry-leading designers

Facebook Groups for Builders

A collection of Facebook Groups for Engineers, Designer, Marketer and more

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