A user generated content platform should be owned by it’s users. That’s why we are introducing token

We are committed to the idea of volunteering to share knowledge. But we believe that there should be a reward for good work. Tokens can be earned by participating in the network and contributing to the community. Not talking about low-priced incentives. 90% of the platform ownership will belong to the contributors. The data which is collaboratively created by the users will grow over time to become more valuable. The basic idea is to distribute tokens to all contributors of a table once a day. Token distribution is dependent on the traffic and upvotes a data table receives. This way the tokens will always represent the value of the platform and its data.

Our users can receive token by enriching our community with valuable content, inviting new members and spreading the word.

  • Creating a new table. The creator of a table earns 2,5% of all tokens it generates.
  • Contributing to a table. How many tokens a table receives from the platform is determined by the number of upvotes and the number of views (traffic) a table received during a day. The tokens are provided by the platform every day and distributed to the user based on their contribution share on the table.
  • Inviting new members (10 token)
  • Importing contacts (5 token)
  • Spreading the word (5 token)
  • An upvote to a table is equal to 1 token, 100 views are equal to 1 token
  • Platform Vault: 90% of tokens will be distributed towards our users, 10% will remain in the platform vault to iterate and improve our product and pay salaries

The last editor of a cell is the owner of the token it generates. Example: a table receives 10 upvotes a day (10 tokens) and the table was viewed 100 times a day (factor 0,1). 1 token will be distributed to all contributors. If a user has contributed 5% of the tables content, that would make him earn 0,05 tokens a day. Adding content to an empty cell, editing content in an existing cell or deleting a cell’s content will make the contributor the new owner of the cell and therefore generate tokens for him. Whereas content will be added to empty cells immediately, editing/deleting content of a cell requires an admin / contributor to review and confirm. If a user changes content, there’s the option to also add a comment to it, as help for the admins reviewing.

A user’s amount of tokens represent its reputation on the platform in the first place. Later on tokens can be bought and be used to purchase or request data on the platform. And there are other ways to earn tokens like inviting other users to SpreadShare and spreading the word for our platform.

There’s 3 phases ahead of us:

Phase 1

  • Our users can receive token by enriching our community with valuable content, inviting new members and spreading the word.

Phase 2 (starting soon)

  • Pre-token sale
  • Token-sale
  • Private Sale

Phase 3 (starting soon)

  • Token can be purchased
  • Deposited, withdrawn on our platform
  • Used as payment
  • Traded on exchanges
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