A user generated content platform should be owned by it’s users. That’s why we are introducing token

There is a very special aspect about our product we want to tell you about. But let’s start with a little case study first. Wikipedia is serving the whole world with a free encyclopedia but has to beg for funding time and again. The non-profit organisation and one of the top-5 websites in the web is financed by user donations and struggles from time to time to raise the required funds. Can you imagine big VC’s or PE’s owning the site? What would that do to the community of contributors and the content?No. Let’s imagine Wikipedia would be owned by the crowd, each user would own a share of the platform based on the amount of contributions added to it. 5,000 of the 32,000,000 contributors of Wikipedia account for 23% of the content. The most active contributor accounts for 1% of all contributions. It’s hard to value the market cap of non-profit’s but experts say estimates would be in the range of $5 billion to $10 billion. That would make the most active contributors share worth $50–100 million. Committing your life to a user-generated platform could make you really rich. What I am trying to explain is that certain platforms need certain governance structures to unfold their true potential. We believe that the most recent developments in blockchain technologies allow us to create a platform owned by its creators. We will introduce tokens which can be earned by users for creating content. Content alone doesn’t make you earn a lot of tokens. The content’s traction is the weighting factor.

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