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Canada ● Check your email copy for spam triggering keywords BEFORE you hit send to avoid spam boxes: https://t.co/qPe38sABOt

Meu nome é Eros Gaspar, o meu trabalho é ajudar pessoas a transformar o seu conhecimento e um produto de informação (infoproduto) que

Ed Sussman is the CEO of Buzzr.com, a partnership with

Cedar Rapids, IA ● Tech junkie. Reddit addict. Occasionally talk too much. I read some things. I write others. I tweet the rest. Host of The Formula Podcast.

Bengaluru South, Karnataka ● Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Ethereum, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, BFSI & FinTech, Startups & Investors

Game Production and Biz Guy @JuegoStudio. Let's talk #gamedev cricket, GoT, Pottermore, stockmarket, VR & AR & Unity3D - Cartic P

Tampa, FL ● Partner @MHPAdvisory & CEO of Startup Solutions. Advising tech & tech-enabled Startups on strategy, execution & value creation. Live simply,

Ukraine/UK ● Business Development at NCube Ltd Software development outsourcing and outstaffing services

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