Frequently Asked

Write us an email to [email protected] if your question wasn’t answered. We get back to you asap.

I found a bug, what should I do?

Write us an email to [email protected]

What is your Tech Stack?

In our back-end we used PHP7 and Phalcon framework. For our databases we used MySQL and for the search Elasticsearch. We built our front-end with ReactJS and the smart contract for the token distribution using the Ethereum platform.

For creating the tables we used the community edition of Handsontables — a JavaScript/HTML5 Spreadsheet Component for Web Apps — which is available on Git.

What are tags?

Tags are a way to categorize your content, so that others can find it. The more relevant the tags are to the post, the more like-minded people will come across it.

Does it cost anything to post, comment, or vote?

No. It is free to contribute on You might even get paid for it!

Can I earn money on SpreadShare?

Yes, by contributing to our community.

Can I sell data on SpreadShare?

Yes, in the near future we allow users to create private tables which users wanting to access have to pay for. Downloading tables, getting access to a table’s API and requesting table data will be other features a user can use the tokens for.

Why did we decide to replace Google sheets with our own table solution?

  • Sheets don’t allow you to build an audience, can’t be followed or subscribed
  • Sheets don’t provide page and user stats
  • User roles in sheets are designed for organisations, not communities.
  • Sheets can’t be monetised.
  • Sheets don’t foster real collaboration
  • Sheets don’t acknowledge the creators
  • Sheets can’t be searched or discovered.
  • Sheets can’t be rated or reviewed.
  • Sheets don’t like to be searched / indexed.
  • Sheets are not linking to, interacting with each other. Every sheet behaves like an own platform, there are no intersections, connections to other sheets.
  • Sheets don’t offer a clean visual experience

How can I create a table

You have to be logged in to create a table. There should be a button “Create Table” in your header (right side).

What are locations

Tables can be set to specific locations. Tables are a great way to collect local information like venues, places, people or meetup’s in a city. Filtering by location let’s you explore local content.

How do I change content of a cell

Right-click on your mouse and click “Edit Cell” (or) Just click on the cell and add your content.

How do I become an admin

We’ll soon release a Team feature which allows an admin to assign other admins to a table.

Can I delete a table

Yes, you can delete a table if you are the creator. If you are not but find a table which seems to be spam or other undesired content, please flag the table. Our community support will review the table and remove it if reasonable.

How do I delete a table?

If you are the admin of the table go to table settings and click “Delete table”.

Can I delete content I have added to a table

Yes, use the right-click menu.

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