Frequently Asked

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What languages are supported?

English is the most-used language used on the SpreadShare platform

I have an idea for a table, what should I do?

Is there an Etiquette Guide for SpreadShare?

What can users post to SpreadShare?

SpreadShare is an open platform meant to host and welcome any legal content. Users can post anything they want.

What tables is the community looking for?

  • Content related to startups, entrepreneurship, technology and other related professional areas
  • Content which is inspired by one of the above categories
  • Content which is just great and therefore worth being shared
  • Spreadsheets no one has shared yet, have a look to see if yours is a dublicate
  • Interesting datasets, templates and tools, contact sheets, checklists, product comparisons
  • If you’re not sure if your spreadsheet is worth being shared ask yourself a simple question: is there one person you can think of who would benefit from it? If your answer is yes, there’s probably a few thousand others in the web. Even if the answer is no there might be many users who would like to use it.

Is it possible to monetise my content?

Yes, by contributing to our community.

Why are people contributing?

  • Like the idea of volunteering to share knowledge
  • Believe that information should be freely accessible for everybody
  • It’s fun
  • Make money by earning tokens
  • Like SpreadShare philosophy of openness & collaboration
  • Saw an error and wanted to fix it
  • Knew a lot about subject that was poorly covered
  • Wanted to learn new skills
  • Want to popularize topics that I care about
  • Want to gain reputation in SpreadShare
  • Do it for professional reasons
  • Wanted to demonstrate my knowledge to wider audience
  • Noticed missing content
  • Friends / colleagues are contributing
  • Personal branding and reputation
  • To encourage open collaboration
  • To validate their business idea
  • Improve your research by challenging it through the crowd

Can I import a table which I found on the web but didn’t create myself?

Yes, if the content is not violating copyright laws, that’s no problem.

How do I get updated about new tables on the platform

If you wish, we send you an email once a week with the latest updates on the tables you subscribed

What are topics

Topics are like categories for the content. Our topics are

  • Engineering & Tech
  • Design & Product
  • Growth & Marketing
  • Content & Media
  • Data & AI
  • Business & Operations
  • People & Culture
  • Fundraising & Finance
  • Everything Else
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